Video: ID Theft in Canada

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How Hackers use Social Engineering to Steal Your ID

What is Identity Theft and how can it impact you?

 Identity theft refers to the specific crime in which someone wrongfully obtains and uses another person's identifying information for the purpose of perpetrating financial fraud or some other criminal activity. Identity theft is usually done for economic gain, but has also been used by terrorists to obtain cover employment, finance their activities and avoid detection when carrying out their attacks. 


There is clear evidence that identity theft is growing rapidly, due in large part to modern technology.  The RCMP deemed it the fastest growing crime in the world with 1 in 6 Canadians affected annually and losses estimated at $3 billion.  Identity theft is committed in every place associated with daily life. Methods include mail theft, stealing from residences and personal spaces, misuse of personal data in business transactions, phishing, and theft from company or government databases. The victims of identity theft come from every age group and all segments of society, and often suffer financial loss, damage to credit ratings and reputation as well as emotional distress. Many are also left with the complicated and often arduous and expensive task of clearing their name and credit rating. 


Horizons Guard can help you avoid being a victim of identity theft. For just pennies per day, you can be secure that your good name is being protected. Sign up now. Tomorrow may be too late. 

Did you know?


  • That identity theft is the fastest growing crime in the world.

  • That even after the thief stops using the victim’s personal information; they continue to struggle with the impact of identity theft. That might mean increased insurance or credit card fees, inability to find a job, higher interest rates and battling collection agencies or issuers who refuse to clear records despite substantiating evidence of the crime.

  • That the emotional impact on victims is likened to the impact felt by victims of more violent crimes; including, violent assault and repeated battering.

  • Victims spend over $2000 out-of-pocket and an average of 600 hours recovering from identity theft, often over a period of years.


Horizons Guard, powered by idAlerts, is the premier product in providing identity theft protection in Canada. Through its integration platform with the Canadian Credit Bureau, Horizons Guard monitors all 14 available elements of your credit bureau file. 

A Horizons Guard annual subscription provides:

 24/7 Credit Bureau File monitoring: Includes 24/7 monitoring of the subscriber’s TransUnion data searching for reported changes relative to their credit bureau profile; and notifying them within one business day, of any changes to the fourteen key elements including: 


  • New Address
  • New Legal (judgment)
  • Trade Rating Improving
  • New Employment
  • New Registered Item
  • New Fraud Victim Alert
  • New Inquiry
  • New Bankruptcy
  • New Name
  • New Phone Number
  • New Collection
  • Credit Limit Change
  • New Trade Line
  • Trade Rating Deteriorating

 Alert Notification: Based on changes in any of the above-listed items, alert notifications will be provided to the subscriber within one business day of the time data is reported from creditors. 

 3 Credit Reports/ 3 Credit Scores: Upon completion of registration and passed authentication, subscribers receive immediate online access to their credit history via their credit report from TransUnion Canada Inc. 

Full End-to-end Restoration: idAlerts provides restoration assistance (including full expense reimbursement and Limited Power of Attorney, if requested) in order to restore credit worthiness and identity back to pre-victim status. This service is provided with a zero deductible on applicable expense reimbursement.

Family Coverage Available: protect yourself plus another adult and up to three children (under the age of majority) with the same subscription.  

Individual Plan - $159/year Family Plan - $249/year

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USE:  Advisors Number: 326811402    Advisors Name: Thomas Venner