Steve Ferrell, Yoga Instructor and Personal Trainer

 "Tom Venner is an absolute pleasure to work with. Being that I am self employed, its very important to hire someone that I can trust with my finances. Tom has nothing but the clients best interests in mind. His methods are clear and concise. I especially love the fact that when I walk away from a meeting with Tom I feel as though I've learned something.

Gord Robertson, Retired, Arcelormittal (Dofasco)

 "Tom put together an excellent plan that ensured my Dofasco Pension Fund money (Fund & Fund 2,Deferred and SRIP)  would provide the income I needed until my CPP and OAS payments kicked in. Not only that, the returns were much higher than Tom used in the estimates, giving me higher payments for a longer time. I would recommend that any Dofasco employees about to retire talk to Tom about how to safely invest their retirement package." 

Karen Reynolds, Hamilton Youth Employment Services (retired)

 "I'm probably like most people and have very little practical investment knowledge. However, I do recognize the need to find a good, honest person with whom to trust my money, and for me, that person is Tom Venner. I have known and dealt with Tom for many years have every confidence in his knowledge and judgment. I always know that no question is too small or unimportant for me to ask and Tom always has time to answer. Not every financial advisor feels that way - believe me, I know from experience." 

Eman Ali, Stago Diagnostics

 "I've known Tom for some time and he is a very friendly and personable fellow. I have recently hired him as a Financial Advisor and I would recommend Tom to anyone in need of the same service. He is knowledgeable and conscientious." 

Adele Olilver

"My partner and I sat down with Tom one afternoon, needing advice and guidance on our financial future. He immediately had many valuable recommendations and explained to us how to implement them. He was very easy to talk to and he eliminated all our worries by giving us a plan." 

Linda Rice, Scotiabank Retail Lending

"Tom helped me map out a plan for my retirement income. He did not try to sell any products, just give me some guidance regarding how much income my assets, pensions and gov't benefits may provide. The fee was more than reasonable."